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Luther Springs Update

We wanted to let all the friends of Luther Springs know that we had a forest fire at camp the beginning of June.  It began as a dry lightning strike which smoldered over night and by the next morning had spread through the woods between our camp buildings and the lake.  We called the local volunteer fire department, who then enlisted the fire crew from the state of Florida Dept of Forestry Division. Both crews worked for several days to contain the fire to that area of the camp.  The fire got close to the camper cabins, the dining hall, and the outdoor chapel; It stopped a foot from the canoe racks at the lake, but No buildings, vehicles, or other camp property was damaged in any way.   We did not hold in-camp programs for the first week, as the staff were working with four Lutheroad program sites across the state.  We checked with the State Forestry Division who kept close watch of the site; At their direction we determined that it was alright to welcome a full camp back on Sunday, June 18th.  Camp is back to normal, with some most notable burnt underbrush sections in the woods.  We are very thankful for this good outcome and are very grateful for the teams who fought back the fire successfully.  Pass the word—Luther Springs is alive and well!!!